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Effects Of Cold Weather On Windshield And Get The Tips To Protect It

Effects Of Cold Weather

Effects Of Cold Weather On Windshield And Get The Tips To Protect It

A windshield is a front safety glass of a vehicle. They are made of silica, sodium carbonate, calcium oxide, potassium oxide, and a cullet. A windshield protects the driver and passengers from being hit with debris, rocks, or other objects. The windshield also helps to direct water away from the vehicle during rain or snow, and that does not cause damage to electronics.

Effects of Cold Weather on the Windshield

The biggest effect of cold temperatures on windshields is it can cause frosting. This is because the water droplets in the air condense into ice when they come into contact with a surface that is below freezing temperature.

Cold Weather

The colder the temperature is, the thicker the layer of ice will be. Thus, reducing visibility.

Additionally, one should be careful while dealing with car windshields, as frozen windshields can be blasted while pouring hot water on them. The sudden fluctuation in temperature can cause the windshield to crack.

If your windshield has developed cracks make sure to immediately resolve the issue because in cold weather conditions windshield chip repair and cracks get more serious. Temperature fluctuations can result in chips turning into cracks and cracks turning into bigger cracks. Cityline Auto Glass provides windshield repair services in Surrey, BC.

Tips to Protect Windshield in Winter

Vinegar Spray

The use of vinegar spray has been around for decades, but it is only now that people are revisiting this idea as an alternative to traditional methods. Vinegar spray is a natural and safe way to defrost your car. It will loosen the ice on the car’s windows so that you can scrape it off easily.

However, it is not recommended for use on plastic or rubber parts of the vehicle as vinegar can cause damage to them.

Use of Alcohol

For making an alcoholic solution for defrosting a car windshield simply mix one part of water with 2 parts of 70% isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. Just spray this solution on your icy windshield and the ice will begin to dissolve and slowly it will break apart.


It is a common method used in Canada for defrosting. The main benefit of this tip is that it is easy to find salt and water anywhere you go, so it’s convenient for those who don’t want to defrost their car with a chemical product. It can also be used as an alternative if you don’t have access to any other type of substance that can be used as an antifreeze agent.


Onion is a natural de-icer because of its anti-freeze properties. One of the most popular ways to defrost a car is by placing onions on the windshield and then running the engine. The heat from the engine will cause the onion to produce its natural anti-freeze, which will melt ice and frost on your windows.

Car Parking in the East Direction

Parking your car in the east direction is the best option for defrosting. The sun's rays are strongest in the morning and evening. This is why you should park your car in the east direction to get better heat from the sun's rays.

Windshield Cover

There are tons of simple and affordable ways from plastic bags to cover your windshield. Make sure to place something under the wipers so that wipers don’t get stuck with the windshield.

There are various household items that can be used to cover windshields:

  • Car mats
  • Sheets
  • SBlankets
  • Carboard boxes


In case if you are not using any windshield cover then at least flip your wiper blades in the upward direction so that in such a cold temperature blade are not attached with the windshield of your car.

De-icer Spray

Deicing spray is a type of deicer that is sprayed on the windshield or other surfaces to help remove ice and snow. It should not be confused with an anti-icer, which prevents ice from forming.
There are two types of deicers:

  • Liquid de-icers are usually in a container that can be sprayed onto the windshield.
  • Solid de-icers are usually in a container that can be placed on the ground and then scraped onto the car windows like a Snow Scraper.

Install “Remote Start”

Remote start for defrosting the car is a luxury feature that is available on some models. This feature allows the driver to start the engine from a distance, which can be helpful in cold weather.

Some drivers prefer to use remote start for defrosting their cars because they do not have to get out of their car and wait for the car to warm up. They can stay in the warmth of their car while waiting for the engine to heat up.

Important Tips:

When you start your car remotely, always be aware of the surroundings. It is reported that car theft incidents increase in winter because car owners leave their cars unattended while remote starting.
Parking in the shelter area. Car parking in your own garage or in a shared community garage- parking can avoid the freezing of ice on the car surface.

If you don’t find any sheltered parking then at least avoid parking your cars under trees. As tree branches carry a heavy burden of snow which causes them to fall off unexpectedly.

How to Defrost the Inside Windshield?

Once the outside windshield has been completely defrosted it can be possible that the inside windshield is not that much clear. To have clear visibility temperature fluctuations may have to again play their role.

To defrost the inside windshield a lower and more humid temperature is needed. Let some cooler air come inside or you can lower the temperature of the AC.

Make sure that the moist air is not re-circulating again as it has already done its role in creating the fog. Once the right temperature inside your car is obtained it will clear away all your fog.

Hope you might get some help from the above tips to defrost your car windshield in the winter season. A little mindfulness and planning are necessary parts of your daily schedule to keep your car safe to drive in the winter season.

If you need any help regarding windshield repair and replacement services in Surrey contact Cityline Auto Glass.

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