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Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting Services

Car Window Tinting Services in Surrey, Vancouver BC

If you are living in an area where you receive an extraordinary amount of sunshine, then you should worry about your vehicle's interior. This extra sunlight can quickly fade your truck and car interiors if you don't take any measures to protect your interior. Why not get a quality car tinting job for your loving automobile If you are looking to add some style to your vehicle then window tinting installation is the best option. At Cityline Auto Glass we have years of experience in helping owners in Car Window Tinting in Surrey, Vancouver, BC Cityline Auto Glass ensures that you will love the craftsmanship of our certified employees. We have the best window tinting prices in the area.

What our films can do for you and your vehicle.

Reduce The Heat in Your Car's Interior: We all love our vehicle and its interior, window tinting repair and replacement reduce the harm that high temperature can bring to your vehicle's interior by reducing the incoming solar heat and radiation
Eliminate skin damage UV radiation: If you are a truck driver or your daily commute faces direct UV radiation while driving, then you might know the harm your skin faces when coming in constant contact with UV radiation. These rays can cause premature ageing of the skin and signs of UV damage such as leathery, skin actinic keratosis, wrinkles, and liver spots. Get your window film installation today get the best Car Window Tinting in Vancouver, Surrey, BC
Eliminate Skin Damage UV Radiation: Most people assume that because a car has a window and roof, it protects them from the sun and its harmful effect but this is not true a traditional car glass window can not shield you from the harmful effects of UV rays. UV radiation can also cause eye damage. These rays cause short and long-term problems to your eye which can lead to weakening your vision and even blindness. So it became very important to get window tinting service done by professionals to protect you and your loved ones' vision and life.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Reduction of Fade

Window tinting protects from harsh sun rays which can discolour leather and vinyl and fade upholstery. It is also helpful for the interior of your car, protects from cracking, and always gives a new look to your car.

Helps to Stop Harmful UV Rays

Window tinting helps to stop harmful UV Rays, which cause skin ageing and skin cancer. window tinting protects you from dangerous UV rays and provides a critical advantage to save you from this risk.

Control the temperature in cars

The ability to keep your automobile cooler during the hot summer months is another benefit of window tinting. Tinted windows are a terrific method to keep more comfortable while on the road because they can frequently lower the heat in your car by 60%.

Higher Fuel Efficiency

Your gas mileage suffers while the air conditioner is running. Window tints enable you to reduce your use of the air conditioner and increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle by obstructing the sun and cooling the interior

UV Protection

The majority of people are unaware that driving in a car can cause solar damage to your skin. However, window tints may block up to 99% of the sun's UV rays to provide you with additional protection while you are driving.

Increased Comfort

Window tints may considerably reduce interior car temperatures and improve comfort, especially during the sweltering summer months. This occurs by blocking out UV radiation. To make your eyes more comfortable, window tints help lessen solar glare.

Better Security and Privacy

Window tint installation offers advantages beyond just changing the appearance of your car. When you want to secure your car and the people who are traveling with you, it might increase your sense of security and privacy. Tinted windows make it harder for others to see inside your car, which is crucial for protecting your belongings.

Protects broken glass

It is important to not undervalue the advantages of window film installation for safety. Glass is meant to break when something hits it, but window coating is designed to prevent this. Passengers are safeguarded from flying glass fragments and being thrown out the windows in the case of a car accident. Tinted glass makes it more difficult for criminals to enter your car because they will have a hard time doing so.

Improved Appearance

Nothing else can be said to describe it. Windows that are tinted add character to an automobile and enhance its outward design. Moreover, window tinting for cars may contribute to a stunning finish. Tinting the windows of a car can give it a sleek, finished appearance as if it is brand new. Tinted windows are a cheap method to give any car's interior a more luxurious look.

Frequent Asked Questions

Though more expensive, premium tints made of polyester, metal, or ceramic will last longer. Avoid buying inexpensive window tint since it will need to be replaced every year or two.

Windows that have been tinted should remain up for at least 48 hours. Be safe, as it is better to roll up your freshly tinted windows for at least three days to give the windows the maximum amount of time to cure and prevent peeling edges.

The average window tint film has a lifespan of five years and costs not too much. Premium tints made of polyester, metal, or ceramic will cost more but last longer. A cheap window tint should be replaced every one to two years.

  • Safeguard from UV rays
  • Can Aid in Solar Heat Rejection
  • Protecting Against Broken Glass
  • Provide security and privacy
  • Nice look

In addition to giving your car a fashionable appearance, it also reduces UV rays. Tinted glass, in comparison to clear glass, can increase your visibility on the road and shield your skin from the sun.

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