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ICBC Insurance Policy: Cover Your Windshield Replacement Cost

ICBC Insurance Policy:

ICBC Insurance Policy: Cover Your Windshield Replacement Cost

Has your car windshield been damaged recently? If so, then you might be wondering if your auto insurance coverage will pay for the expense of fixing or replacing it.

The windshield is a core part of a car that prevents dust, harmful rays, debris, and rain from getting inside. More critically, the windshield supports the car's frame.
But sometimes it can be damaged, or create a major problem for you which requires either repair or even replacement immediately.

But before directly jumping to its insurance claim, first know the causes of damage to your windshield.

Common Issues With Windshields

Nobody wants their windshield to be damaged, and regardless of the cause, replacing or repairing your glass may be expensive. Knowing the most frequent reasons for damage is the first step in avoiding it from happening to your windshield. The most frequent causes of windshield cracking in Canada are listed below.

  • Hitting your windshield while driving with flying rocks, gravel, or other debris
  • Tree branches fall and strike a parked automobile (most often caused by a windstorm, thunderstorm, hurricane, or another weather-related event).
  • Hail, mainly when it is huge.
  • Things are flying around due to strong winds.
  • Change in temperature.
  • Improper installation of a windshield.
  • A sports ball, golf, or baseball, accidentally hits your windshield.
ICBC Insurance Policy

Repairing of Windshield

It's imperative to take action immediately if facing something undesirable with your car's windshield. Even a small crack in your windshield might cause serious issues while driving.

There are some minor damages on your car's windshield which can easily be restored through prompt repair, other than that you must go for replacement but only after the guidance of an auto glass repair company.

Under your comprehensive ICBC insurance claim, you get free windshield repairs when -

  • The damage costs less than a penny.
  • No more than 1/4 inches of residual damage from the repair is visible to the driver.
  • There isn't much cracking in the damage
  • There isn't any pre-existing damage (like a big crack) that can't be fixed.

To ascertain whether it is safe and appropriate to repair (rather than replace) your car’s windshield in line with the BC Motor Vehicle Act Regulations, speak with your preferred glass repair company.

Is Replacing A Windshield Covered By Auto Insurance?

If you only have the most basic form of auto insurance, your policy will not pay for the expense of replacing a windshield. However, there is a significant probability that damage to your windshield is covered if you bought a policy with comprehensive coverage or a special endorsement relating to glass coverage.

If you have ICBC Comprehensive coverage, you are protected. Additionally, you might be able to get your windshield fixed without having to pay a deductible.

A vehicle is liable to much more than just collisions, including break-ins, cracked windshields, and falling trees. The cost of this type of damage can easily be recovered by comprehensive coverage.

Therefore, if you added a windshield repair or replacement to your comprehensive coverage, which is an optional feature of your auto insurance policy, your insurance company will pay to fix or replace your windshield.

Remember that your insurance provider will only cover the cost of repairs or replacements up to the policy limit, as is the case with all types of coverage.
You will be responsible for paying the remaining sum out of pocket if the cost of replacing your windshield exceeds the coverage limit.

Where Should You Go?

You can directly visit an ICBC-Approved Glass Repair Program Facility that can replace your damaged windshield without even paying a deductible to them or you can call if there is no glass repair program facility near you.

Why Choose A Glass Repair Program Facility?

If you go for the glass repair program facility, it will provide you with -

  • Processing your claim
  • Repair the windshield if possible
  • Replace the windshield, and make sure all parts are properly installed
  • Confirms the signature on the claim form
  • Offers warranty for glass replacement

Yes, you can also frequently get a rock chip repair in your windshield without necessarily paying for it. Depending on size, the typical cost to fix a windshield chip is between $50 and $70. If your auto insurance does cover it, it will cost zero to you.

Cover Your Windshield Replacement Cost

If the windshield requires replacement then by following the below-given process, you can cover your windshield cost.

  • Get a glass claim number by directly reporting the claim to ICBC.
  • Take pictures of damage and glass replacement.
  • Submit the pictures, and invoice to ICBC via provincialglasssupport@icbc.com for consideration of reimbursement.

Facilities for the ICBC Glass Repair Program:

  • Capable of initiating glass claims and submitting direct invoices to ICBC
  • Provide a limited warranty for windshield replacement
  • The staff of qualified glass technicians
  • Offer quick, effective claim processing

Will There Be A Deductible To Pay?

The deductible is the sum of money you must pay for services rendered in your insurance policy. Your windshield repair won't require you to pay a deductible. However, if you require a replacement, a deductible is charged especially when your cracked car windshield repair is deemed unsafe and unsuitable for repair.

Windshield repair and replacement companies linked with ICBC have specialists on staff who are qualified to fix a variety of windshield cracks, rock chips repair, and other damage and also replace them if required.

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