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Windshield Hacks For The Car Owners !!!

Windshield Hacks <span>For The Car Owners

Windshield Hacks For The Car Owners !!!

Front window Provides visibility Protect the driver from outside elements.

A windshield is a crucial functional part of the vehicle as it is directly related to safety. It protects drivers and passengers from dust, heavy winds, dirt, and especially extreme temperature. It also facilitates comfort and protects passengers against theft, break-ins, and accidents.

In short, a Windshield act ad a barrier between passengers and exterior conditions. Maintenance and timely Windshield Repair is a must otherwise it can affect the visibility. Mainly the poor visibility can be due to uncleaned glass or cracked glass.

Rock chips and small cracks can be worse due to constant exposure to heat or while driving on bumpy or rough roads. So, it is necessary to keep your car's windshield in top-notch conditions.

As the car owner, you can follow some tips for the longevity of the car.

Hacks/Tips for Scratches: Scratches on the windshield can be caused due to defective wiper blades, defective ice scrapers, improper cleaning, and road debris. To repair it, follow one of the following:

Windshield Hacks
  • You can repair it by using a glass repair kit yourself.
  • There are also some DIY hacks for windshield scratches. you can use clear nail polish for minor repairs. Apply the nail paint and let it dry.
  • it might be wired but you can also use non-gel toothpaste for minor scratches. you have to clean the glass initially, then get the toothpaste on a piece of a soft cloth. then, rub it in a circular motion for one minute and then wipe it.
  • Car owners can use an acrylic scratch remover. Get the solution on the clean soft cloth, rub it on the scratch for a minute, then wait for 20-30 minutes. After that clean the glass.
  • Call the professionals to get it done.

Hacks/Tips For Windshield Rock Chips And Small Cracks:

A rock chip is less than coin-sized on the windshield. Here are some tips to fix the windshield rock repair. you can repair the windshield at home with a windshield repairing kit.

DIY hack for Windshield Chip repairing: To repair the windshield chip with a repairing kit, initially, you have to clean the glass (especially around the chip then, there would be a plastic pedestal, and adhesive patch in the kit. then the third step is to inject the epoxy resin with the help of a syringe. Allow the resin to cure, then remove the pedestal and remove the excessive epoxy. At last clean the glass.

Tips to avoid windshield chips:

  • Limit the speed while driving especially on broken and bouncy roads.
  • Avoid the roads where construction is going on, better to take alternative routes,
  • Chances of hitting stones on gravel roads are high, so it would be better to avoid it.
  • Protect the windshield from extreme temperatures like do not park in the sunlight, and turn the defroster in case it is too cold.
  • Always get a professional service to repair, it would help to avoid further.

Windshield Repair or Replacement? This is also one of the advisable tips that a car owner should consider if his windshield needs repair or windshield replacement. we recommend a windshield only if the diameter of the crack is less than 0.75 inches, the length is less than 3 inches, and it is not close to the outer margin. Make sure the crack is not interpreting the visibility of the driver.

Windshield replacement can always prefer if the crack becomes an obstacle to the driver’s visibility. If the crack is near the margins of the corner of the windshield, there is a risk of damage to the whole windshield. So, we always the full replacement in that case. If the windshield is old and already had more than three crack repairs, windshield replacement would be recommended.

Besides these tips, It is always advisable to avail of professional services to repair windshield damages so that your car increases the longevity of the auto glass of your vehicle. These tips are limited to professionalism. A professional can also help the customers to get suitable treatment for their windshield. For instance, either your windshield needs repair or replacement. Several factors would be figured out by the professional to figure out this, that knowledge is limited to experts only. You can Cityline Auto Glass for windshield repair, rock chip repair, or windshield replacement.

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Cityline Auto glass pride itself on providing the reliable and best services when it comes to windshield repair and replacement. Cityline Auto Glass is the best auto glass repair company in Surrey, BC. We have professional technicians, who continuously focus on the training and provide high-quality services for guaranteed satisfaction. Throughout the 5 years, we are dedicated to providing top-notch windshield repair services in Surrey, BC.