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Avoiding Legal Damages: The Necessity of Windshield Replacement and Repair

Avoiding Legal Damages: The Necessity of Windshield Replacement and Repair

The performance and safety of our cars depend on regular maintenance. We place a high priority on these aspects to make sure everything operates well, from brake inspections to engine tune-ups. Your windshield is a crucial safety aspect of your automobile, but you've probably never given it any thought—in fact, you probably look straight through it!

Naturally, windshields protect you from the wind, the weather, and flying road material. Having a chipped or cracked windshield is probably nothing new to you if you prefer venturing off the usual path and speeding down gravel and dirt roads. But did you know that it is illegal to drive in British Columbia while wearing a windshield that has been damaged? Read below for all the knowledge about windshield repair and replacement services in Surrey, BC.


Why are Windshield Replacements and Repairs Necessary?

1) Legal Consequences of Ignoring Windshield Damage

Serious legal repercussions may result from driving with a cracked windshield. In general, it is prohibited to drive a car with a damaged windshield that limits the driver's visibility or creates a safety danger. Fines, penalties, and even driving record points may be assessed for breaking these rules. You risk having your driver's licence suspended or revoked if you commit the same offence repeatedly.

2) Legal Requirements and Laws For Windshields

In order to keep you, your passengers, and other drivers safe while driving, visibility is crucial. The BC Motor Vehicle Act declares that no person shall drive or operate a motor vehicle on a highway, whose windshield is in such a condition that the driver's vision is impaired.

3) Necessary When Taking a Driving Test

For road testing, there are also windshield regulations. According to the ICBC website, a vehicle will not be approved for a road test if the windshield is cracked. Here are a few types of windshield damage that are considered to hamper vision and require immediate attention:


Windshield cracks can reduce vision and decrease the glass's structural integrity. They can result from poor installation tension, temperature fluctuations, or flying debris. So any crack that is longer than 300 millimetres is necessary to repair.


Although little chips may appear inconsequential, they can soon grow into bigger cracks, especially when subjected to extreme temperature changes or vibrations.


A bull's-eye resembles a circle with a depression like a cone. It is typically brought on by a forceful blow from a rock or other large, heavy item.

For Other Reasons:-

Here are several additional reasons why you should get windshield damage fixed as soon as possible.

  • Reduced Visibility: One of the main functions of an effective windshield is to ensure that the driver can see clearly outside the vehicle. The driver's visibility decreases significantly when the glass cracks or breaks, especially if the damage blocks their line of sight. Additionally, driving in bad weather and low light conditions is quite tricky when your windshield is shattered.
  • Compromised Structural Integrity: The vehicle's windshield strengthens its structural stability. In the case of any accidents, the sturdy framework holds up the roof and keeps it from collapsing. A windshield that is cracked or broken, on the other hand, is weaker and might not be able to offer the required support.
  • Simple to Repair and Economical: When compared to the worth of your own life and the lives of other people, the cost of fixing and replacing a windshield is small. Additionally, there are a few strategies to make sure your windshield has a long lifespan.
  • Risk of Ejection: We wear seatbelts in cars to prevent ourselves from getting ejected from the vehicle during any collision or impact. The windshield also helps prevent ejection due to its strong nature. If you’re not wearing a seatbelt for any reason, the windshield offers you protection. It acts as an added protective layer to prevent any fatal injuries.
  • Airbag Malfunction: In the event of a collision, airbags prevent the occupants from suffering injuries from slamming against the steering wheel or dashboard. Proper airbag deployment is one of the windshield's most crucial duties. When necessary, it enables the airbags to properly deploy and protect the occupants.
  • Water Leaks: A broken windshield might allow water to enter, creating moist interiors. This helps prevent mold and mildew, both of which deteriorate the inside of your vehicle, from flourishing. Even interior furnishings and electrical components could suffer damage.
  • Reduce Potential Damage: Windshield cracks might become larger as a result of the increasing strain on the glass. Compared to a windshield that has been well-maintained, one with chips is comparatively weaker. The only option left is to replace the windshield if it is cracked or broken due to extreme weather or high-impact circumstances, which weaken the windshield and produce these problems
  • Insurance Coverage: The majority of complete vehicle insurance packages provide coverage for windshield repair or replacement. However, coverage may differ, and insurance providers frequently promote quick repairs to prevent more harm. If windshield damage is ignored, coverage may be lowered or the deductible raised. Your chances of getting insurance coverage for the required repairs or replacements increase if you take immediate action.


At Cityline Auto Glass, we place a high priority on the necessity of windshield replacement and repair for both our customers' safety and the avoidance of legal liability. Prioritizing taking care of your windshield can ensure clear sight, safeguard the structural integrity of your car, ensure that you comply with the law, and lower your chance of facing legal Don't undervalue the importance of maintaining your windshield; let us assist you with keeping your car safe and complying with the law. Maintain good driving habits and follow the law.

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