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How Does Windshield Repair Work - An Overview of Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

How Does Windshield Repair Work - An Overview of Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

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Automotive glass is more than simply an aesthetic addition to your car. It is intended to protect the structural integrity of your car, give you a clear view of the road, and always keep you safe. Cracks and chips in windshields are not only unsightly but also dangerous.

That is why your car's back screen, windows, and windshields must all be fixed as soon as possible whenever they are damaged.

After any damage to the windshield, the first thing that springs to mind is whether it can be repaired or if a replacement is necessary. Hold on! Before making an impulsive decision, you should first know about the types of damage to the windshield.

Windshield Repair Work

Damages to the Windshield

- A Chip Pit

A chip pit appears when an outside object damages the top glass layer of the windshield. On your windshield, it resembles a small hole and typically has little to no effect on the driver's field of vision. Unless the object's impact penetrates the second layer of glass, this kind of windshield damage is fairly simple to repair.

- Bull’s-Eye Chip

Similar to the chip pit, a bull's-eye chip develops when a rock or other object strikes the windshield, producing a circular mark with a point in the middle.

- Break in Combination

As the name implies, there are both a chip and a crack in this kind of windshield damage. The crack typically extends like an arm a few inches away from the chip, and the chip typically looks like a bull's eye. Combination breaks frequently necessitate replacing the windshield because they cannot be repaired and are not advised to be done so.

- Half-Moon Chip

The half-moon chip is semicircular and shares the same basic characteristics as a bull's-eye chip.

How Does Windshield Repair Work?

Windshield repair is a process used to fix small chips, cracks, or other damage on a vehicle's windshield. It involves the injection of a specialized resin into the damaged area to restore the structural integrity and improve the appearance of the glass. Here's a general overview of how windshield repair works:


A professional technician examines the damage to determine if it is repairable. Generally, small chips and cracks up to a certain size and location can be repaired. Extensive damage or damage near the edges of the windshield may require a windshield replacement instead.

Vacuum and Pressure

The technician operates the tool to create a vacuum, removing any air or moisture from the chip or crack. This step helps ensure a proper bond between the resin and the glass. Afterwards, the technician applies pressure to the plunger, forcing the resin into the damaged area.


After the resin is fully cured, the technician trims off any excess resin and polishes the repaired area to make it smooth and nearly invisible. The repaired spot may still be slightly visible, but it should be significantly improved in terms of appearance and structural integrity.


The technician cleans the damaged area and the surrounding windshield to remove any debris, dirt, or moisture. It ensures a clean surface for the resin to bond properly.


The technician uses a specialized tool to inject a clear resin into the damaged area. The tool usually consists of a vacuum seal, a resin chamber, and a plunger. The vacuum seal is placed over the damaged area, creating a tight seal.


Once the resin is injected, the technician may use a UV light or other curing method to harden the resin. This process generally takes a few minutes. The cured resin bonds with the glass and restores its strength.

Repair Or Replace

When deciding between windshield repair and replacement, there are numerous factors to be considered. It's important to note that windshield repair is most effective for small chips and cracks. If the damage is extensive, such as a large crack or damage that will affect the driver's line of sight. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make the right choice-

- Chip Size

If the damage is smaller than a quarter in diameter, repair is usually a viable option. Anything larger than that might compromise the structural integrity of the windshield and necessitate a replacement.

- Location of Damage

The location of the damage is crucial in determining whether repair is possible. Cracks that extend to the edge of the windshield or obstruct the driver's line of sight might require a replacement.

- Depth of Damage

Assess the depth of the chip or crack. Surface-level damage can often be repaired effectively, but if the damage penetrates through the outer and inner layers of the windshield, it may be necessary to replace it.

- Repair Limitations

Consider any limitations on the type of damage that can be repaired. Some windshield repair techniques are effective for certain types of damage, such as small chips or short cracks. Extensive or complex damage may not be repairable.

- Consult a Professional

Consider any limitations on the type of damage that can be repaired. Some windshield repair techniques are effective for certain types of damage, such as small chips or short cracks. Extensive or complex damage may not be repairable.

- Insurance Coverage

Review your insurance policy to determine if windshield repair or replacement is covered. In some cases, repairs may be fully covered, while replacements may require a deductible or have specific coverage limitations.

- Cost Considerations

Evaluate the cost of repair versus replacement. In general, repairs are more affordable than replacements. However, if the damage is extensive or the windshield has previously been repaired, a replacement may be a more cost-effective long-term solution.

- Time Constraints

Assess the time required for repair or replacement. Repairs are usually quicker and can be completed within a few hours, while replacements may take longer, depending on the availability of the windshield and the complexity of the installation.

- Future Safety Concerns

Consider the potential impact on your safety. If the damage compromises the structural integrity of the windshield or affects visibility, it's crucial to prioritize replacement to ensure your safety on the road.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision on whether to repair or replace your windshield. Remember, when in doubt, it's always best to consult with a professional technician who can provide expert advice based on the specific damage to your windshield.

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